Quotes gathered from anonymous after-class surveys

I have never been so engaged (and entertained!) during a class. Mirage is funny, exuberant, and incredibly insightful with her comments. She also has an amazing ability to teach complex moves in a way that makes them simple and intuitive. I loved the figures that we learned in the class, and feel a new confidence in my follow abilities.
[Her] bubbly energy and jokes made the class worthwhile. [She’s] a rockstar.
It’s all about the instructor and Mirage nailed it. 10/10 will take again if she’s teaching.
[Mirage’s] jokes and sound-effects were great. It is so nice to have a woman teaching: [she] provides lots of good suggestions about how leads can be more considerate and make their leads more obvious.
I loved [her] energy and humor which put everyone at ease. I also liked the way [she] taught the leads from the point of view of a follow.
The teaching was very upbeat, entertaining. The volume of instruction between moves and styling was great.
Liked the instructor. She made the class so fun. We had many chances to practice the new steps being taught. She also stressed on the technique of the dance instead of just throwing us into the different variations.
Fun teaching, fast pace, great class.
[The best part of this class was] hands down the teacher, Mirage. She was a joy! The pace of the class was perfectly done. Instruction was very clear. The progression moved at just the right pace, with just the right amount of practicing before moving on to the next steps. Really well done... We felt SO happy and proud of how we went from zero to (almost 10) in the course of a few weeks. Well done Mirage!
She’s funny, nice, smart, and an excellent dancer and teacher!
[Favorite part of the class was] Mirage’s killer sense of humor, and very clear, intuitive instruction. :)
It was lots of fun (and more confidence-inducing than other salsa experiences I’ve had)
Fantastic advice for BOTH roles (rather than just for the lead). Lots more improvised dancing than in some classes. Overall better instruction than I’ve had elsewhere.
[Loved the] warmth and enthusiasm about the teaching, regular re-caps of previous classes, and the way that we rapidly built to a point of being able to really dance for ourselves.